Century Collections
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Century Collections are some of the most popular and valuable collections like antique watches, antique maps 18th to early 20th-century culture & more. We usually focus on buying antiques, furniture, and other items that were made during different time periods in history. We often purchase a certain item or group of items based on its value or sentimental value.

We Buy Printed, Manuscript & Visual Americana, viz. American History: 18th, 19th, and early 20th-century culture, exploration, travel, politics, and society. We buy single items, entire collections, and entire libraries. Use our contact form to tell us what you are interested in selling. We’ll get back to you promptly. For historical manuscripts, we buy significant autograph letters signed or those with unusual content.

The price was fair and they made the process straightforward. I will definitely be calling them back in the future to sell additional pieces

Isreal S

Also, antique diaries, handwritten diaries and handwritten journals, handwritten personal journals, commonplace books, written correspondence, autograph letters, manuscripts, literary or non-fiction. Handmade stories, illustrated manuscripts, homemade publications. Daybooks, ledgers, journals, waste books, cash books from the 18th century or 19th century. Typically, all handwritten or created in the 18th century or 19th century.

Antique Maps Buyers
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Antique maps are one of the most popular collectible items. Antique maps are a beautiful way to display an artistic and creative gift for someone special. They are valuable antiques and have a lot of history behind them. The artistry and beauty of antique maps are what make them so appealing to us. If you have an antique map that is worth something, then selling it is a great way to raise some cash and make your house look good.

Do you have a rare map you would like to sell? D & J Antique Buyers is always interested in acquiring new inventory and would be happy to look at your map. We follow a simple buying procedure, outlined below, that typically makes these transactions quick and easy. Once we have had the opportunity to examine your photos or real map we will respond by telephone or email. If we are interested in purchasing we will ask for your price. Often clients do not know the value of their map and expect us to put forth a price. We will happily do so, but this should not be misunderstood to be an appraisal.

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Antique Watch Buyers
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We are watch specialists who will pay great prices for watches that are in any condition. We deal with both domestic and international markets buying important watches and collections. All our transactions are confidential, safe and secure. Our vast knowledge of complicated watches includes chronographs, moon phase, minute repeaters, and pocket watches. We will help maximize value when selling your watch.

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